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Wonderful Series Wednesday #1

Published 26/01/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

So this is my first time for the wonderful series wednesday, so here we go!
The first series is:

Series title: Vampire kisses
Author: Ellen schreiber
How many books are there: 7 at the moment
Catagory: Vampires
What is the series about:
The series is about Raven, Raven is a goth girl and obsessed with vampires. She lives in a town she calls dullsville, and one day there moves a mysterious family into the mansion. Raven decides she must investigate this and hopes that the new residents are vampires…… If that’s true or not I will not tell because you have to read for yourself!
Wich books have I read already?
I have read all seven books out there! And I loved every book!
Are there more books coming?
Yes there are more books comming, book eight will be out in May
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