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Series and why I love them

Published 04/01/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

So I’ve always been a fan of series, even though I love a good stand alone novel I’ve always been a sucker for the series.
The problem for me with a stand alone novel is that it ends so soon, I always like to dive into the world and characters that an author creates. With a series you get just more than one chance to read about all the characters you love.

For me it started with a dutch series called “de griezelbus” it’s a children’s horror story so I’ve always been a fan of the horror genre haha. But that aside after reading the first book I really wanted to know what would happen with one of the main characters and to my suprise there were going to be more books so I read them all more than once.

As a 10 year old girl I loved horses ( still do but not as much as back than, think horses posters and t-shirts ), so I found a really good series about horses too.

But then I found a new creature to love: Vampires and after reading every dutch vampire book I could find I decided it was time to try an english book. And to my suprise I could read the book just as well as any dutch book. So now a whole new world of series opened up to me. And haven’t stop loving the first english series I read: Vampire Kisses! I still wait for the next book in that series every year.

If I look at my bookcase today most of the books I’ve read or are waiting for me to read them are series. I just can’t get enough of it. Of course by the end of the series I’m always a little sad, because the end of a series means that I  have to say goodbye to the characters I love.
So here’s to a year full of great series I’ve already discovered and new series I have yet to discover!

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