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Wishlist Monday #5

Published 28/02/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

Booktitle: Angel fire ( angel trilogy book 2 )
Author: L.A Weatherly
Release date ( if known) : 1-10-2011
Catagory: Young Adult, Angels
Goodreads summary:

This is the thrilling second chapter in the electrifying “Angel Trilogy”. Angels will never be seen in the same way again. Gorgeous, charismatic Alex has the courage and skill of a trained Angel Killer. Unique, dazzling Willow has the beauty and power that comes with being half-angel. As the power of the malevolent Church of Angels grows, now it’s up to Alex and Willow to train a new team of Angel Killers. Willow soon finds her half-angel identity met with hostility by some of the other AKs, while privately, she must wrestle with the knowledge that her father, Raziel, is a depraved, evil angel. However, while life in the AK training camp is tough, at least Alex and Willow are together. But when Alex discovers that the death of his brother and fellow Angel-Killer, Jake, was linked to a secret CIA mission to defeat the angels, he is forced to leave the camp to complete his brother’s work… without Willow. Alex promised Willow he would never leave her, but with the fate of the human race at stake, destiny has ruled that Alex and Willow must be parted once more..

Why do I want to read this book?

There are a lot of books about angels out there, they are the new hype I guess. But the first book in the series was amazing! It’s one of those books I couldn’t put down, so I have to know how the next chapter in the lifes of Alex and Willow. So this book is a must read for me!

Review Angel by L.A. Weatherly

Published 16/01/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

Title:                Angel
Author:           L.A Weatherly
Pages:             507
Catagory:        Angels

The story according to the book addict:

This book tells the story of Willow and Alex. Willow is diffrent from other girls she knows. Apart from her love for cars and ability to fix them she has another gift. She can read people, their dreams and even their futures. She doesn’t know where her gift comes from.
Then there is Alex, he has been an angelhunter for as long as he can remember and has now been assigned to kill her. He’s been told that she is an angel, but as he observes her he finds out that she isn’t an angel at all. She is something that should not even exist.
Together they flee and try to stay alive, in the meantime they are falling in love…
 Go to: Goodreads summary.

The review of a book addict:
Before I picked up this book I was a little skeptical, I just didn’t know if I would like this book. But from the moment I picked up this book I couldn’t put it down! This book sucked me in and I just wanted to know what would happen next.
The story is beautifully told from the point of Alex and Willow. You get to know more about them as the story goes. Things about their past and how they are feeling towards each other. It wasn’t a simple boy meets girl and falls in love story, it has depth to it and their realationship really grows and as the book moves along you grow with them. You get the cance to fall in love with the characters to really feel for them and wanting them to survive all this.

The verdict of a book addict:
If you are looking for a new angel story, one that isn’t just like all the others this is your book! This book will change your view of angels for good!

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