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How do I pick a book to read

Published 01/01/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

I think most of you all know this problem, you’ve got a huge “to read” pile and you just don’t know how to pick the next book you’re going to read.

Because I’m such a book addict the pile just doesn’t go away only more books are added to the pile. So sometimes I get a new book and I just really want to read that book and the choice is made for me. A good example for me was Last sacrifice the last book in the vampire academy series. But as always this book has come to an end and because Santa was so generous to me and gave me a huge pile of books I just couldn’t decide wich book to read next.
So I just picked up all the books on my to read pile and started reading the backcovers. Then I decided which books I wanted to read and wich books could wait for another time. But of course it isn’t that simple, I didn’t just only come up with one book I wanted to read I had two. And sometimes there are even three or four books I really want to read. 
After that I just blindly selected the book I was going to read, and in this case it will be Raised by wolves. And decided that the other book would be the next book om ny to read list. 
So my question for you reading this, how do you pick the book you are going to read next?
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