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E-books and my frustration with them

Published 11/01/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

I have an e-reader and I love it! but there is just one thing that really bothers me: The fact that I can’t finish any series! The problem when your living in a non english speaking country is that the publishers are very stuborn in not giving up the rights of the books.

For example I love the soul screamers series but I can’t get all of the books because they don’t sell them in the dutch version of amazon (bol.com). I now they can’t help it and the writers can’t help it but it really sucks! My “normal” books I buy at Amazon ( the co.uk version ) but they don’t sell e-books outside the UK. So the only option would be amazon.com but I don’t have a kindle so I won’t be able to read them on my e-reader and would be forced to read the books on my laptop.

So that’s my biggest frustration when ik comes to e-books, I hope there will be solution for this fast because I really want to use my e-reader more that I’m doin now!

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