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Bloggiesta finishing post

Published 22/01/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

So today is only the second day of the bloggiesta I am happy to tell you all that I’m done with all the goals I set out for myself. Me and Kyanara have worked hard together to finish all this and although some ideas didn’t make it I’m happy with the results
I have been working on my blog for eleven hours this weekend. And although I’m sure in time there will be other things I want to change for now my blog is done and I’m happy with the way it looks.
The things that I’ve changed are listed below:

– Made a new background
– Changed my Template and changed the colors
– Made a new Rating system
– Made changes to my sidebar ( Reading challenges, Blog Archive, etc. )
– Made a gab button
– Improved my headbanner and made new banners for weekly features
– Discussed new blogging topics with Kyanara
– Made a new picture for the about me page
– Changed my About me page
– Made standard blogpost lay-outs
– Made tags
– Added a button for a newsletter
– Added a contact button
– Made a new page for all my reading challenges
– Did an interview with my bookparnter in crime Kyanara
– Made a gravatar

And that’s it I believe. So now I can sit back and relax and maybe read a little. I really enjoyed doing this bloggiesta and who knows maybe I will be joining next year!

Bloggiesta update

Published 21/01/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

So it’s been a day of hard working and a lot of fun. me and Kyanara ( you’ll meet her later this weekend ) have been working hard on our blog together. So the canges I’ve made so far are:

– Made a new Template
– Found a new background
– Made a grab button
– Made new banners
– Talked about new blogposts, there are some really cool new ones comming including a couple of special        months
– Made a new picture for the about me page ( I will update that page tomorrow )
– Changed my blogarchive
– Edited layout side bars
– Edited the challenges pictures in the sidebar
– Made links to Kyanara’s blog and the fantasybook-a-holics

So that’s it for today, more updates tomorrow!!

Bloggiesta is here!!!

Published 21/01/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

Today the bloggiesta starts, me and my partner in crime form The life of a bookaholic are starting right now on this! We are set up and ready to go, she even made bloggiesta cupcakes!!!
So we have a whole list of things to do this weekend, lets get started!!!
Here is the list of things we are going to do:

– Find a new background for my blog
– Make my blogarchive smaller
– Make a better Banner
– Brainstorm over new blog topics
– make a new page for authors so they can contact me for reviews
– Improve my Bookchallenges lay-out
– Make a better picture for my profile
– Make standard blogposts for the reviews
– update the links on my site
– Make Tags
– Sort out my blog supscriptions
– make a new rating system
– make a grab button
– Change soms of the desings on my blog
– Find out things about copyright
– Make a newsletter
– make new banners for my weekly features
– Create a link to fantasybook-a-holics
– Make buisnis cards
– Edit followers box
– Introduce new features
– Add % bar to my challenges
– Invite people for guest blogs
– Introduction interview with blogging buddy

So that’s it for now, maybe I’ll find more things to do when I’m working on my blog. Now lets get started!!

Bloggiësta is coming!!

Published 19/01/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

So this friday the Bloggiësta is starting, this is organised by Maw books blog. It runs from friday january the 21st until sunday the 23rd and it’s a blogging marathon. You just spent three days to your blog, to improve it, evaluate it and think about new things to do or write about on your blog.

I’m going to start friday and my partner in crime will be kyanara from the life of a bookaholic. Together we will work on our blog, work on our blog and work a little more on our blog.

Some things that are going to change are:

– New rating system
– Making a grab button
– Update my challenges
– And a lot more…..

I’ve been thinking about this and preparing for this for weeks now and I’m glad it’s almost here.
I hope you will like the improvements I will make to my blog.

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