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Character interview with Adam and Lana from Lissa Kesslers Moonlight

Published 02/08/2013 by supernaturalreadingaddict


I’m so excited about this post, because I had the honor to do an interview with Adam and Lana from Moonlight. So please give them a warm welcome!

Adam and Lana come in hand in hand, he sits beside her his thumb twisting a gold band on his left hand.

  1. How are you both doing? – *Adam smiles at Lana, then to Annabel* I think we’re good. *Lana nods and pats Adam’s thigh* Very busy with the twins and Adam’s stable, but I’m finally working on my first novel, so it’s an exciting time for me.
  2. This one is for Lana do you like living in a pack although your animal likes to live alone? – *Lana leans forward in her chair a little* Since I’ve been alone all my life, I’m really enjoying having such a big family now, but during the new moon, I have to admit the solitude of shifting is wonderful… *glances at Adam* Although I’m pretty sure someone isn’t too far away being sure the jaguar stays out of trouble.

*Adam does his best to look shocked* Me? Guarding you? Nah… *He’s not fooling anyone*

  1. How are the other wolves treating you? – Actually, other than Gareth, they all feel like family. I wish I could reach Gareth, but I don’t press with him.
  2. Adam have you accepted your new role in the pack? *Adam shrugs* Yeah, I’m getting used to it. My Dad never told me about the other…Powers…that come with the title so it’s taken some getting used to.
  3. How are  you protecting your mate against your enemies? – *Adam sobers* We’re always on alert and ready. Nero can’t get into Reno without us knowing and we’re ready to take them down if they try.
  4. What do you like most about each other – *Adam gets a crooked smile* Not sure I can say on a blog… *Lana laughs and elbows him playfully* I like that when he’s not being overprotective Adam always makes me laugh and he’s an amazing father to our twins.
  5. Is there anything you would have done differently knowing what you know now? – *Adam’s smile fades away* I wish I hadn’t waited so long to tell the Pack about Lana. I wish my father could have gotten to know her like I do.

*Lana takes his hand and smiles at Annabel* Thanks for the questions. It’s been great meeting you… I hope to see you again when you read Hunter’s Moon in October…

Thank You Lana and Adam for taking the time to answer my questions and I can’t wait to read Hunter’s Moon!

I’m going to be honest here, after reading this interview I became an even bigger fan of Lana and Adam I really fell in love with them while reading the book.

So here just to make you all drool is the cover of this wonderful book!


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