Review: Unholy Testament – Full circle book 3 by Carole Gill

Published 14/03/2013 by supernaturalreadingaddict

Title:                Full Circle 
Author:          Carole Gill
Pages:              157 on my e-reader
category:      Horror

The story:

All of those hideous secrets of Blackstone House and its inhabitants are revealed in this, the third book in Blackstone Vampires series.

Rose Baines continues to be held captive bij the demon Eco ( Unholy Testament – The Beginnings ) and must read the rest of his journal which is a confession of all his sins.

The rest of the journal focuses on the chracaters that have haunted Rose’s living life and undead existence. But primarily, Eco’s journal tells of the sick and twisted obsession he has had for Blackstone House’s former mistress, evil and debauched Eve Darton.

This is gothic horror at its darest. Eco’s lustful relationship with Eve is told against the backdrop of aristocratic devil rites, both in England and France, including satanic sacrifices; continuing to the Great Fire of London 1666. Along the way there are plagues, vampire destroyers and witch hunts and of course vampires!

Human evil and supernatural evil are explored in detail. There are Ressurection men who supply a necrophile doctor. Every vice and evil is examined including the hideous truth of Rose’s father and the reasons he murdered her familiy

Every evil that Rose Baines was subjected to is closely examined as are those who committed the worst sins against her.

This is not light reading and although there is romance within the story, the darkness that surrounds it is relentless.

( Taken from the authors own site )

The view of a book addict:

This is the third book in the Blackstone Vampires series, and it’s as great as the first two. What I love about this book is the mix of history and horror. I love a good historical story and when it’s mixed with a little bit of horror you’ve got me hooked.

There were times I felt chills running down my spine while reading it. That’s what makes a good scary book if you ask me. It has to make you want to turn every page, fearing what will happen next. And that’s just what this book brought me, you never now what’s going to happen or when.

The verdict of a book addict:

Another great book in another great series, now the waiting begins for the next book!

Total of Ratties:

ratting system 5 rats

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