Follow Friday #6

Published 01/03/2013 by supernaturalreadingaddict

It’s friday again so time for some Follow Friday fun! First of all let me say that I love the new button! So with that said here’s this weeks question:

Confess your blogger sins! Is there anything as a newbie blogger that you’ve done, that as you gained more experience you were like — oops?

Joining to many weekly meme’s, at one point I had one every day and no original content from myself besides my reviews. So one day I decided to join only two or sometimes three meme’s. At the moment that makes my blog a little empty but that will change in time.


10 comments on “Follow Friday #6

  • Memes can be both good and bad. At the moment the only meme I actively participate in is Feature and Follow but there are so many out there that I would join up in if I had an extra 5 hours in the day, lol.

    New follower.

    My FF

  • I try to participate in two weekly memes: top ten tuesday and feature / follow. I think though starting with March I’ll be alternating them or something.

    Jessica @ Literary, etc
    (new follower via email)

  • Hello! 🙂 New Follower via networkedblogs. Came here by way of the Feature and Follow! (Mine is

    I am a bit one dimensional in my blog atm. It’s all book reviews! I think there are 3 posts that deviate and that’s just to announce I got a kindle paperwhite as a present, I won something, and…I won something. LOL


  • I backed off from meme’s too. It feels too fake to just post only WOW or some other memes all the time. I love seeing the books people feature, but I want to see reviews/interviews too.

    New follower from FF

  • Aww, memes are great, but as you said, too many is really not blogging. I think I do 4 memes, but I do other posts on top of some of them. I definitely try and have reviews for at least 3 days a week.

    New Linky follower!

    My FF Post!

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