Dual blogtour: Guest Post

Published 17/08/2012 by supernaturalreadingaddict

So as part of the dual blogtour for The unsacred gift and Transition: The chimera hunters series I have a guest post by the author of The unsacred gift C.S. Dorsey. I was scheduled for an interview but because I mixed the interview and review date up I got the chance to do a guest post. So here it is, enjoy reading it as much as I did:

Facts about the Setting


The locations for The Unsacred Gift are pretty well-known to me. Which is one of the reasons why I choose them. Seattle was the perfect place because not only have I been there several times since living in Washington (state) years ago, but the rainy weather and gloomy setting was perfect. I wanted to have a setting that would fit Sissy’s constant mood of feeling sad and lonely with her “gift.” So what better way to present that in the story.


When it was time for her to come home I had to defiantly settle on a spot where it was sunny, and what better setting than California. I choose California because not only am I from there, but I wanted her to be somewhere where the street where familiar to pin point the exact location of her sisters disappearance.


I also wanted to have a location that my friends and family could be familiar with as well. And since I have lived in Washington and California it was very easy for me to talk about the different shifts in climate change.

I have to admit, reading this guest post really makes me want to read the book! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did. Here is some more information about the author:


Author Bio

C. S. Dorsey currently lives in Northern California. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with an Associate Degree in Financial Services, and is currently working for a financial institution. She never thought about writing until one day this girl started talking to her in her head and never stop. She has written other young adult books including best-selling Lukos Trilogy.

Social Media Links:

blog:          http://csdorsey.blogspot.com

twitter:       http://www.twitter.com/cs_dorsey

goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/csdorsey

facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/candicesdorsey


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