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Review: Drink Deep by Chloe Neill

Published 31/01/2012 by supernaturalreadingaddict

Title:               Drink Deep     
Author:           Chloe Neill
Pages:             321
Catagory:        Vampires

The story:

Clouds are brewing over Cadogan House, and recently turned vampire Merit can’t tell if this is the darkness before the dawn or the calm before the storm. With the city itself in turmoil over paranormals and the state threatening to pass a paranormal registration act, times haven’t been this precarious for vampires since they came out of the closet. If only they could lay low for a bit, and let the mortals calm down. 

That’s when the waters of Lake Michigan suddenly turn pitch black-and things really start getting ugly. 

Chicago’s mayor insists it’s nothing to worry about, but Merit knows only the darkest magic could have woven a spell powerful enough to change the very fabric of nature. She’ll have to turn to friends old and new to find out who’s behind this, and stop them before it’s too late for vampires and humans alike
( Taken from Goodreads )
The view of a book addict:

I just love this series, so I really wanted to know how the story would continue. Merit is one of my favourite vampires and I just love how Chloe Neill portrays her. This story was really good if you ask me, the things that happened in this book are really surprising.
I didn’t know who was behind all the magic in the book right until the end. When the other characters in the book found out who did it. So that’s a great thing about this book, you don’t know right away what’s going on and who did what.

The verdict of a book addict:

A great book in the series, I loved it from the first page to the last. I can’t wait to read the next book!

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Review: Basatai: Outside in by Suzan Battah

Published 27/01/2012 by supernaturalreadingaddict

Title:               Basatai: Outside in
Author:           Suzan Battah
Pages:             158 ( On my e-reader )
Catagory:        young adult, fantasy

The story:

Seventeen year old, Armani Radnelaq a full blooded BaSatai is plagued by a curse in her blood. A curse created from hate and designed to break the divide between two parallel worlds of Earth and H-trae when Armani’s blood is spilled in attack and she dies. 

S’teuqoubs have been travelling back and forth across the divide for centuries without trouble. The BaSatai and Guardians monitoring activity and enforcing rules to ensure peace and harmony but if the divide splits and opens, a much greater number of supernatural S’teuqoubs will filter into earth destroying equilibrium which the BaSatai and Guardians will be unable to control. Humanity and the BaSatai will suffer and perish. The parallel divide must remain secure at all costs. 

Armani has remained hidden on earth with her adopted father Elijah since her birth. She has been raised in the human way and fights her natural instinct to evolve into a BaSatai. The BaSatai in her requires her to evolve and shift, use her powers and strength. Yet Armani is freaked out by the need to shift. She smokes, has a bad attitude, must deal with aggressive bullies and control her natural BaSatai instinct. Her Guardian with BaSatai Warriors are coming for her. She refuses to accept her fate and doesn’t believe any BaSatai should die to protect her. 

The blood curse maturing in her veins makes her a target for her enemies. Her Guardian Karhl and an elite BasSatai Warrior Rafael are the first to arrive and prepare her for her crossing over. Her attraction to Rafael complicates her purpose to stay on earth even more. They both insist she fall into line and follow their lead but she is not ready to leave earth just yet…

(taken from goodreads )

The view of a book addict:

When I got the request to review this book I didn’t doubt to say yes. The story just spoke to me. And I’m glad to tell you that the book didn’t dissapoint me, I had to struggle a little to get into the book but once you get it it a really great story.
You get a chance to meet a lot of characters, but it’s never confusing. I loved the storyline it was something I  haven’t read before. The story is well written and it explains everything you might not understand. That’s what I love most about this book. In a lot of fantasy novels they have special names for things or creatures but never really explain them. This book explains them in the story, because the main character has to learn a lot herself.

The verdict of a book addict:

Although I had a little trouble getting into the book I really loved the story and I can’t wait to read what’s going to happen next.

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Interview with Suzan Battah

Published 27/01/2012 by supernaturalreadingaddict

Hello everyone! I want to give a warm welcome to author Suzan Battah. She’s been so kind to answer my questions and share them with all you readers out there. 

1.   Can you tel lus a little bit about yourself?

I’m Suzan Battah. I live in Sydney, Australia. My favorite past-time is reading but I also love going to the movies, Latin and Ballroom Dancing.
2.   When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I was about 14 or 15 years old and loved being in libraries and adored bookstores. I was caught reading the ending of a book, which I was so embarrassed about but I wanted to know whether the ending was going to be good enough to read the whole 400 pages, it was.

3.   What comes first? The story, the charater(s) or the idea for the novel?

The story comes first for me, the concept is what than makes the chracters come to life. I love developing the idea and all the problems and from that begin the process of creating the characters.

4.  What would be your favorite past time activity, when you are not writing?

Dancing! Love to dance Salsa, Tango all sorts of dancing but especially Latino and Ballroom Dancing.

5.  Are there any writers ou there that have inspired you?

There are plenty of writers who have inpsired me. Johanna Linsey, SE Hinton, JK Rowling, Richelle Mead, Stephanie Meyer are all really great writers who inspire me to keep writing and be the best I can be and work hard at getting better.

6.  Can you tell a little more about your book: Basatai: Outside in?

Armani is plagued by a curse in her blood. She’s remained hidden on earth with her human adoptive father for 17 years but everything is about to change when she turns 18 and the curse matures in her blood making her an open target. Her Guardian and Elite BaSatai Warriors have come to train her and cross her over for better protection but Armani isn’t ready to leave earth. She doesn’t believe she’s the one cursed.

7.  What inspired you to write this story?

I have a really wild imgaination and can day dream a lot especially when it comes to the fantastical world. I love creating supernatural worlds, it’s one of my favorite places to be in. One day I wondered what it would be like to be cursed and how would I feel about having someone willing to die just to protect me. BaSatai was born and soon too came the characters to life.

8.  Which character did you enjoy writing about the most and why?

Karhl, he is Armani’s Guardian and is named after my best friend in primary school. Karhl is strong, protective, and such a sweetheart when he wants to be. He is powerful but not too arrogant and does everything he can to protect Armani. His devotion is so real. He’s got real emotions, not perfect but true in what he believes. A great friend to anyone.

9.  If you could have dinner with one of your characters who would you choose and why?

Jayani! She’s a real hoot and a party girl, would be so much fun to have dinner and go danicng with the girls. She’s also a little dangerous sometimes, which makes her a little bit more interesting.

10. Do you get a lot of responses from your readers?

Suprisingly, I do get mail from readers and I love to hear from them. Being relatively unknown it’s really exciting to hear from someone who has read my books and enjoyed it so much they write to share. I love to hear from readers.   I’ve been fortunate enough to hear from readers in Europe, Phillipines, England, America, Bulgaria and Australia.
11. What are you currently working on? 

      The second novel in the BaSatai series which will be even more wild than the 1st with lots more romance, plenty more adventure and lots of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.

12. Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?.

Being relatively new to the published world, I love to hear from new readers and fans but would love readers to spread the word about my books to reach a wider audience who may not have heard of my work. 

If you want to know more about Suzan and her writing visit her website:
Thank you so much Suzan for taking the time to answer my questions and I can’t wait to read the next book in this wonderful series!

Review: One grave at a time by Jeaniene Frost

Published 24/01/2012 by supernaturalreadingaddict

Title:               One grave at a time
Author:           Jeaniene Frost
Pages:             358
Catagory:        Vampires, Urban Fantasy

The story:

The grave is one wrong step away.

Having narrowly averted an (under)world war, Cat Crawfield wants nothing more than a little downtime with her vampire husband, Bones. Unfortunately, her gift from New Orleans’ voodoo queen just keeps on giving–leading to a personal favor that sends them into battle once again, this time against a villainous spirit. 

Centuries ago, Heinrich Kramer was a witch hunter. Now, every All Hallows Eve, he takes physical form to torture innocent women before burning them alive. This year, however, a determined Cat and Bones must risk all to send him back to the other side of eternity–forever. But how do you kill a killer who’s already long dead?

( taken from goodreads )
The view of a book addict:

I could describe this book in one sentence but I’m not going to do that. I’ve been a fan of this series from the first book and I can’t wait to read the next book everytime it comes out. So this book wasn’t an exception. Being a history geek the whole storyline spoke to me. I really loved it, the whole ghost thing.
I just love the way the characters of these series are portrayed in this series. You can’t help but love them. And you can’t help but hate the enemies of the main characters, they are just evil!

The verdict of a book addict:

Another amazing book in this series, I can’t wait what’s going to happen next!

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Review: Forgotten Treasures by Lisa Kessler

Published 15/01/2012 by supernaturalreadingaddict

Title:               Forgotten Treasures
Author:           Lisa Kessler
Pages:             146 ( On my e-reader )
Catagory:        Short stories

The story:

Spooky tales told while huddled around a campfire. 
Memories of “the good old days” shared by grandparents. 
Alien invasions by flashlight, under the covers, after bedtime. 

Short stories are like Forgotten Treasures you find in a trunk in the attic, just waiting to be discovered. 

Inside this book lurks a Christmas loving demon, a pirate ghost who becomes flesh only one night a year, and an ancient Egyptian god who longs to be a god of rock-n-roll. 

These tales, and many more, are anxious for you to open the cover and dust them off. 

Voted one of the Top 10 Best Short Story Anthology’s of 2011 according to the Preditors & Editors readers pol

(taken from goodreads )

The view of a book addict:

So first of all let me tell you that I love everything Lisa writes. So when I found out that she publiced a book with short stories I just had to read it. And just as I suspected she didn’t dissapoint me.
Some of the stories are beautiful, some are surprising and some are just really scary. I just know that some of the stories I’ve read will haunt me at nigt and keep me scared of the dark shadows. While others made me cry because they had such a beautiful and lovely ending. Once again I can’t help but just fall in love with the Lisa’s writing style.

The verdict of a book addict:

I love short stories and I love the way Lisa Kessler has wrote them down. I would recommend this book to everyone I know.

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Review: Clockwork prince by Cassandra Clare

Published 10/01/2012 by supernaturalreadingaddict

Title:               Clockwork Prince
Author:           Cassandra Clare
Pages:             496
Catagory:        young adult, fantasy

The story:

In the magical underworld of Victorian London, Tessa Gray has at last found safety with the Shadowhunters. But that safety proves fleeting when rogue forces in the Clave plot to see her protector, Charlotte, replaced as head of the Institute. If Charlotte loses her position, Tessa will be out on the street and easy prey for the mysterious Magister, who wants to use Tessa’s powers for his own dark ends.
With the help of the handsome, self-destructive Will and the fiercely devoted Jem, Tessa discovers that the Magister’s war on the Shadowhunters is deeply personal. He blames them for a long-ago tragedy that shattered his life. To unravel the secrets of the past, the trio journeys from mist-shrouded Yorkshire to a manor house that holds untold horrors, from the slums of London to an enchanted ballroom where Tessa discovers that the truth of her parentage is more sinister than she had imagined. When they encounter a clockwork demon bearing a warning for Will, they realize that the Magister himself knows their every move and that one of their own has betrayed them.
Tessa finds her heart drawn more and more to Jem, though her longing for Will, despite his dark moods, continues to unsettle her. But something is changing in Will; the wall he has built around himself is crumbling. Could finding the Magister free Will from his secrets and give Tessa the answers about who she is and what she was born to do?
As their dangerous search for the Magister and the truth leads the friends into peril, Tessa learns that when love and lies are mixed, they can corrupt even the purest heart.

 (taken from goodreads )

The view of a book addict:

After reading the first book, I couldn’t wait to read this one. I love the mortal instruments series but this one is my favourite. I love all of it, the setting in victorian England, the characters and the story.
At first I had to get into the story just like the first book but after reading two chapters I was hooked again. I couldn’t put the book away and I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I really loved the story, it has everything a good book needs, great characters, exciting story and a love triangle. I even believe this book was better than the first one.

The verdict of a book addict:

I love this book and I love this series, I can’t wait to read what’s going to happen next.

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Review: Darkness falls by Mia James

Published 05/01/2012 by supernaturalreadingaddict

Darkness Falls
Mia James
Vampires, young adult

The story:

April Dunne is having a rough time. There are vampires in her school. Not Goths, or Emos in fancy dress. Dangerous, blood-sucking semi-immortals. They run the school. They pretend to be students at it. And they’re using their influence to recruit smart, rich students – aka ‘bleeders’ – to their own cause. What is that cause? April isn’t sure. But she knows they killed a rock star for it, and innocents who got too close to the truth. One of them almost killed her. But that’s nothing to what’s coming next. Gabriel, her kinda-boyfriend, is dying and unless April can find a cure then not only is she going to be boyfriendless, she’s also going to lose one of her major allies in the school. And she really needs allies. Because it turns out April has an ability of her own, one that could prove lethal to the ‘Suckers’ who’ve taken over the school. If any of them figure out what she is, then losing her boyfriend will be the least of her problems 

(taken from goodreads )

The view of a book addict:

I loved the first book in this series, the whole vampire story and the fact that it was set in England. So I was really looking forward to the second book and I have to say it did not dissapoint me.
I really liked this story as well, I just couldn’t put the book down and I wanted to know how it would end. The ending makes me want to read more about what’s going to happen next.

The verdict of a book addict:

Great second book in a series, I hope there will be more books in this series.

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