What’s your blogging new years resolution?

Published 29/12/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

So it’s almost the end of the year and a new year is just around the corner. I haven’t been very active the last few months but my new years resolution is to blog more!
At the beginning of the year I had a blog post almost every day, but with the moving and getting pregnant it just slipped away and to be honest I hate the fact that I let it slip up this way.
So I’m starting over again, In the first weekend of 2012 I’m going to work on this blog and come up with new weekly features and I’ll start joining some meme’s again.

So what’s your blogging new years resolution


One comment on “What’s your blogging new years resolution?

  • Cool fireworks photo! I like your New Year's resolution. Don't feel bad about slowing down this year- you had a lot going on. January is a perfect time to get back on track. I also resolve to have daily posts next year. I have been working my way into that schedule! Writing each day for at least thiry minutes is another goal (more would be nice- but some days are a bit tight). Best of luck in 2012!~Jesshttp://thesecretdmsfilesoffairdaymorrow.blogspot.com/

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