Musical Wednesday #1

Published 25/05/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

This is my first musical wednesday, I hope you’ll enjoy this weekley feature. If you want to join in you can. Just pick a book you’ve read this week or are reading and find the perfect song for the book.Place the banner above your blog post and leave a comment with a link to your post here.

I’ve picked 13 reasons why for this week and the song I think is the soundtrack for this book is:

Loser from 3 doors down, because the main character is pushed off the edge So this song is the soundtrack for this book to me.

Jay Asher’s brilliant first novel is a moving, highly original story that focuses on a set of audiotapes made by a girl before she committed suicide, and which explain to 13 people the reasons why she decided to end her life. Told in a highly effective duel narrative — alternating between the girl s voice and the thoughts of a boy who is listening — this honest, poignant story reveals how other people’s actions shape, and by extension can ruin, an individual’s faith in people. Intensely powerful and painfully real, Thirteen Reasons Why reveals how brutal high school can be, the consequences of spreading rumors, and the lasting effects of suicide on those left behind


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