18 & over tag along #9

Published 22/04/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict
As always I keep the 18 & over tag along seperate from the other hops. It just feels better this way, to give it it’s own post. The 18 & over tag along is hosted by Bitten by paranormal romance
The question this week is:

Question of the week: What attracts you most to a book? Is it the cover, blurb or something else?
Most of the time I first notice the cover, or the title actually. If the title gets my attention I’m going to read the blurb. And if I like the blurb of backcover ( and I have the money ) I’ll buy the book.

Have a great weekend!!

2 comments on “18 & over tag along #9

  • I'm new to all this – I'm a Hop virgin!! LMAO!!! And your newest follower… repay in kind ;)I always look for the author's name, if I'm in love with them I'll buy their books regardless. If I dont know them it would be a mix of the cover and blurb that lures me in.

  • Hi & Happy Friday! I am a new follower :)http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.comFor me it is the book blurb and I must admit a nice cover helps 😉 I also tend to purchase books by authors I have read and enjoyed; there are a few authors that are automatically put on the pre-order, immediate read list.

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