Friday 18 & over Tag along #2

Published 25/02/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

Although I always combine my posts of the follow friday and Blog hop, I decided to keep this one separately. Because I’m still a bit new to this genre and I want to give it some extra attention. This meme is hosted by Bitten by Paranormal Romance

The question this week is:
Name a couple of your favorite erotic authors.

Laurell K. Hamilton, Jeaniene Frost

Have a great weekend!


7 comments on “Friday 18 & over Tag along #2

  • I love Laurel K Hamilton and Jeaniene Frost too! I am a bit behind on the LKH series though (I own the books, but haven't gotten a chance to read them). And I'm still waiting for my copy of the newest Jeaniene Frost to arrive, grr. Have a great weekend!Your newest follower, Amanda

  • Hallos!! thanks for stopping by my blog!*smiles* I think the way Hamilton's taken in her writing she's went from Dark Urban Fantasy to Erotica to in jet proportions. *grins* To the dismay of some of her fans (especially the guys. lol.) but one could tell she was going there eventually through her Merry Gentry series. I like both authors but I tend to prefer her Merry Gentry series. XDHope you have a wonderful weekend!!Redd

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