Wonderful series Wednesday #5

Published 23/02/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict
Series title: Gemma Doyle trilogy
Author: Libba Bray
How many books are there: 3
Catagory: Young Adult, Historical fiction, Fantasy
What is the series about:

This series is about a girl living in Victorian England, she lives in Spence. Spence is a girls academy and has a strange historie. Gemma is having visions of another realm and she finds herself traveling there soon with her friends. Of course there she finds out that there are dangerous things waiting for her. She and her friends try to solve the mystery of the burned out east-wing of spence academy. If that isn’t enough she finds out that she’s been followed by a mysterious and handsome guy from India, he tries to warn her but will she listen? And to make life even harder she has to behave as a good girl at the academy to please her teachers and the headmistress.
Wich books have I read already?

I have read all three books in this series
Are there more books coming?

There will be no more books about Gemma. 

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