Wonderful series Wednesday #4

Published 16/02/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

Series title:  Hollow series
Author: Jessica Verday
How many books are there: 2
Catagory: Young Adult

What is the series about:

This series is about a girl named Abbey, she just lost her best friend. And although everyone in town seems to accept her dead but she doesn’t. Than se meets a mysterious boy named Caspian, but who is he? And can he help her? I’m not going to tell anything else because that would ruin the first book. But let me tell you this you won’t see this comming!
Wich books have I read already?

I have read the first book and the second book is on my way to big TBR pile.
Are there more books coming?

The third book Hidden is comming in june 2011

One comment on “Wonderful series Wednesday #4

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