Wishlist Monday #3

Published 14/02/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict
Book title: Dark heart rising
Author: Lee Monroe
Release date ( if known) :  2-6-2011
Catagory: Fantasy, young Adult

Goodreads summary:

Jane and Luca’s story continues …but not quite as they had planned. When challenges and threats from the immortal world of Nissilum rip the young lovers apart, Jane is bereft. Without Luca’s dancing green eyes, and gentle smile, Jane feels lost, sad and alone. But then a trip to Paris with her grandmother thrusts her in the path of the amiable Soren – a kindred spirit who may be just the distraction she needs …Meanwhile in Nissilum, Luca struggles with the loyalties and expectations that come with being a part of the immortal world. A world that is about to be shaken at its very core: rumblings of mounting unrest are spreading, and with rumours of an angel rebellion growing no creature is safe — especially not a mortal girl who has fallen in love with a wolf boy..

Why do I want to read this book?

I just finished the first book in this series and it just blew me away. It makes me want to read the next book so bad. But I just have to wait for it to come out. It’s a long time ago for me that I want to know the next part in a story so bad. And of course I hope it will be as good as the first book.

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