The Irresistibly sweet Blog Award

Published 07/02/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

So today I recieved a message from my dear friend Kyanara, and she told me I recieved the irresistible sweet  blog award! Of course I love this! So here’s what I need to do to get the award:

1. Share four guilty pleasures with you
2. Pass the award over to six other blogs

My four guilty pleasures:

1. Playing the Sims, I just love to build houses and make my sims happy. And with the new addition after midnight I can become a vampire!!

2. Cupcakes, I love them, I love baking them! I love eating them!

3 Nemi I’m not much of a comic fan but Nemi Rules!!!

4 Coloring, I work with kids, so if I have the time to color with them I do!

Now for the six blogs I pass this award to:

1. All things historical fiction
2. A life bound by books
3. A bookworm’s asylum
4. Crazy-for-books
5. Bookluv
6. Blog with bite

So that’s it!


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