TBR Thursday #2

Published 27/01/2011 by supernaturalreadingaddict

So it’s time for the second TBR thursday, I do have a lot of books to read. I’ve recieved a lot of books this weekend so I’l just select four of them and keep the rest for next week haha
The TBR is hosted by Book Love Blog

Books I’ve recieved to review:

Wings of a demon by Ashley Davis

She Yearned For More . . .
Cilia Bradley led a life of solitude. Everything she ever needed was provided for her by one of the most attractive men she had ever met. Unfortunately, the only thing he could not provide for her was the comfort of companionship. The arranged marriage was set with its own limitations and rules; rules that left her wondering if there was something more . . . and rules she was desperate to not to break once she met the one man that could push her over the edge.
He Had Nothing To Live For . . .
Widely known as the personal assassin for the one man who controlled the under realm, everyone feared his games. Life meant nothing but cruel games of violence and death. There was no other alternative for him to serve as commanded until the day his sentence ended. Only halfway through his contract, he felt as if life itself was no longer important . . . at least until the day he met her.
 But Together . . . . . .
they could make each other happy. It was only each other that would be able to fuel the desires within, and fill the voids in their hearts. Together their lives would become everything they had ever dreamed up. Trent will stop at nothing to have her by his side, regardless of the fact her father-in-law is the one person who can void his contract. But would Cilia break her promise, possibly losing the gift of life she had been given in return?
Bought myself:

 Unholy ghosts

 Unholy magic

City of ghosts
All by Stacia kane

So that’s it for this week!

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